Ken is one of the most talented and results oriented people I have worked with. Ken has an amazing ability to understand client needs, create clear and effective plans, and deliver highly valued business results. He is a strong leader and very effective managing enterprise programs and teams. I highly recommend Ken and look forward to working with him again someday.

Vice President

Ken built the Survey Research group at [our company] pretty much from the ground up. I got to observe Ken’s work over time and it really struck me how well he performed a wide variety of tasks. He articulated, both verbally and in documentation, a clear vision of his goals for the business, how we would get there, and how long it would take. Constrained by a limited budget, the members of the small team he assembled all became strong performers under his guidance and were able to produce much more than could be expected from a team that size. He was always concerned about the development and well-being of his staff and they paid him back with loyalty and hard work. In a short time Ken created order where there had been none and set us on the road for developing a really viable research marketing business.

Vice President
Leading Physician Social Network

Ken is an entrepreneurial and strategic thinker. He is exceptionally creative and an outside of the box thinker. He is a smart leader who is focused on the growth and development of his people. I happily welcome the opportunity to work with Ken again in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to drive growth and leadership in their organization.

Managing Director
Top Healthcare Consulting Company

Ken worked for me, and with me, for several years on both U.S. and global projects designed to enhance our market research capabilities. During his experience with multi-national/cultural projects, Ken became de facto leader in our ‘matrixed’ organization, not because of a title, but because he demonstrated the abilities to bring people to consensus and simply achieve results. While he made tough decision in delegating assignments, and identifying inadequate work, he still managed to maintain the respect of team members around the world.

In the early 2000s, Ken led the efforts to migrate on of our U.S. based physician panels of more than 8,000 physicians from a hard copy survey to an on-line panel. Later he helped lead a similar global effort for countries and languages around the world. Ken’s market research expertise was essential in earning the respect of team members across the globe as we upgraded the processes, systems, and standards. It also earned him [our company’s] highest honor, the Summit Award.

People simply want to work with Ken. No politics. No pretexts. Just an incredibly positive attitude combined with a phenomenal work ethic.

Senior Vice President
Leading Pharmaceutical Information Services Company

Ken and I worked very closely together on a large number of promotional program value measurement studies at [Company], where Ken managed all aspects of study implementation. Ken’s ability to manage a large and rapidly growing number of studies using a variety of survey research approaches is truly exceptional. Time and time again I saw Ken develop the right plans, processes and controls to meet serious deadlines. He is one talented manager with a track record of achieving outstanding results. If you have the chance to work with Ken, don’t pass it up!

Online Advertising Evaluation

Ken and I worked together extensively on a critical product launch. A few things stand out for me that make working with Ken a pleasure. Ken is forward thinking and adept at mastering details while keeping the big picture in mind. Ken regularly goes out of his way to put in extra effort for the benefit of his products, projects, company, and colleagues. He is an out of the box thinker who embraces new technologies and is creative in how they may be applied to real world business needs. Ken sets a very good example when it comes to people skills. His ability to influence others where he has no direct authority is exceptional. Ken is genuine and someone I trust.

Director, Product Development