Tantamount Group, LLC

Our passion is creating new things: things you’ve never done before, new products, services, technologies and divisions, process and technology improvements, and all the parts that go into building and launching successfully.

We work with you to figure out what needs to be done… or if you know already, just how to get it done. We love solving problems and seeing things through.

We shine when we take our work and present you with options and plans, agree together on the approach, and then get rolling. We do market research and competitive analyses to validate ideas when needed, and can do validation testing at each step.

We can even develop efficient production & operations processes and teams to keep things humming, and work with you to get communications, sales and marketing running.

In everything we do we strive to apply technology, analytics and the right resources to do things better, faster and smarter than you might think possible.

We know better than anyone that companies like yours are on tight budgets… yet you have lots to get done and never enough resources. So we help you get your most important projects done cost-efficiently and well, working closely with you every step of the way, and using our smarts and experience along with the effective use of offshore resources.

Give us a call today to talk about how we can help you.


We specialize in four key areas

Generating & Screening Product, Service and Enhancement Ideas

  • Business Plans
  • Defining Products & Services
  • Mapping out Processes and Improvements

Testing & Analyzing Ideas, Concepts and Opportunities

  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Market and Competitive Research
  • Recommendations for evaluation & approval

Building and Beta Testing

  • Project Management for both IT and Traditional Projects
  • Project Execution, including using trusted on- and off-shore contractors
  • Technology, infrastructure & operations development

Launching & Productionizing

  • Ready-for-market Products & Processes
  • Sales, Marketing & Sales Engineering direction, support & integration
  • Client Success Management & Deliveries


Our work has primarily (but not exclusively!) been in the healthcare space: Pharmaceutical companies (from Top 10 to startups), Biotech, Medical Device, Diagnostics and Health Insurers, as well as pharmaceutical solutions and data companies.

Additionally, we have worked with social networks, marketers, IT companies and analytics and software providers as both clients and service providers.


Examples of our Projects by Industry

Life Sciences

  •  Business Plans
  •  KOL Identification
  •  Physician Target List Creation
  •  Sales Rep Preparation Tool
  •  Competitive Research & Monitoring Tool


  •  Business Plans
  •  Telemedicine Service
  •  Diagnosis & Treatments App
  •  Medical Records Site & App
  •  Scanning & OCR initiatives

Software, Research and Data Services

  •  Data Delivery Portal
  •  Data Visualization App
  •  Automated Reports
  •  Website & App Development
  •  Copytesting Initiative

Online Businesses

  •  Multiple Business Cases, Plans & Initiatives
  •  Online Market Research Division
  •  Executive Conference Prep Tool
  •  Market Research Division
  •  Social Media Strategy

Payers And Insurers

  •  Company Website
  •  Content & Social Media Marketing
  •  Health & Wellness Reference Tools
  •  New Product Development
  •  International Medical Care Finder

Business Support & Execution

  •  Primary & Secondary Research
  •  Competitive Intelligence
  •  Business Plans
  •  Data Analyses & Modeling
  •  Marketing , Sales & Sales Engineering
  •  Operations & Process Development
  •  Business Process Outsourcing
  •  Project Management & Agile
  •  Facebook Online Television Show
  •  Salesforce Implementation
  •  Sharepoint Implementation
  •  Wiki Implementations


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