Product development and project management enterprise launched in suburban Philadelphia to help small and startup healthcare businesses

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  • 23 Aug, 2017

Small and startup companies struggle to create plans, define products, find partners and vendors and get critical things done on tight schedules with limited budgets. To help these companies get going and growing, Tantamount Group, LLC announced its launch on August 1st, 2017.

Tantamount partners with small and startup companies in the healthcare, medical, medical device and pharmaceutical spaces to provide consulting, market research, project management, product development and marketing/sales/launch services for new products, services, technologies and businesses, helping clients meet and exceed financial and strategic goals and deadlines.

The company is unique in that it provides end-to-end partnership from concept to development to launch, which can include productionization, marketing and sales execution.

Based in suburban Philadelphia, President and Founder Ken Rhines said, “Our experienced team brings decades of experience in Product Development, Project Management, market research, IT execution, and just making sure our clients build and launch the right things internally and externally. We execute efficiently by understanding our clients and using our experience to bring in and manage the best partners for our clients quickly and cost-effectively.”

One former client at a Pharmaceutical Services company said of Ken, “Ken is one of the most talented and results oriented people I have worked with. Ken has an amazing ability to understand client needs, create clear and effective plans, and deliver highly valued business results. He is a strong leader and very effective managing enterprise programs and teams. I highly recommend Ken and look forward to working with him again someday.”

For more information on Tantamount Group, LLC, visit our website at:, call us at 215 534 8050, or email Ken Rhines at [email protected]